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We are looking for people who can help us propagating our new Case opening game. If you are interested continue here.
Admin team demands right to restrict access to users who violated these rules in any way.


If you do not meet following requirements leave this website.
  • This website contains adult content.
    • You must be atleast 18 years old.
    • The age when a person is considered adult may differ in some countries.
  • This site was created for entertaining purposes only.
    • This is not a real gambling site.
    • You can not bet real world currency.
    • Resources are virtual.
  • This website is not affiliated with Steam or the Valve Corporation.
  • Creating multiple accounts to abuse a website in any way is forbidden and these accounts will be banned. (We have IP database, we know)
  • Even though we are always glad to help our users with recovering lost items we are not officially responsible for any losses of virtual items.
  • We take 5% fee from each withdraw, jackpot and duel to fund giveaways, referrals and starters.
  • User must be a member of this site in order to withdraw items.
  • We demand right to deactivate/delete guest (free) accounts without specific reason.
  • Exploiting unstable market prices is forbidden.

Chat rules

  • Do not harass other users
  • Do not SPAM
  • Do not beg from users you don't know
  • No advertising
  • Do not insult admins, mods or website
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