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Frequently asked questions

This site was created for entertaining purposes only. It is not a real gambling site because you can bet virtual items only. Virtual items means items from video games. We currently accept items from video game Counter Strike Global Offensive.

You will receive coins for entering /ref FREE into chat
You level up your account with your bets. Every 5 000 coins you bet levels you up.
  • You must be signed in
  • You must setup your trade URL first
  • Your trade URL must match your account
  • Click on items you want to deposit and then click on 'send trade offer'
  • Be patient and wait your turn in queue.
  • Bot sends you trade offer and you have 2 minutes to accept it.
  • No other actions is required. Coins will be added to your balance automatically.
  • You can only deposit items from Counter Strike Global Offensive
  • Each item you wish to deposit must have greater value than 500 coins
  • We have blacklisted few items to avoid scams

Find your accepted trade offer on steam and in trade offer message you can find code.

Go to fpsbigwin.net/verify-deposit and enter the code.

In order to become a member you have to deposit more than 0.50€
  • You must be signed in
  • You must setup your trade URL first
  • Your account must reach level 2
  • You must bet at least 30% of your deposit
  • Be patient and wait your turn in queue.
  • Bot sends you trade offer and you have 2 minutes to accept it.
Yes you can. Just type a command in the chat. Command syntax: "/send profile_ID coin_amount" (ignore quotes)
Yes you do!
  • You will get bonus coins for every attached sticker. 2% sticker price.
  • Maximum amount of bonus coins is 10€ per one sticker.
  • Maximum amount of bonus coins can not be larger than skin price.
Yes you can but your coins will be delivered after trade hold instead of instant delivery. Also you need to verify your trade manually.
After you accept trade offer our server verifies trade offer automatically. Sometimes the server fails to verify your trade offer due to overload or steam trade hold. In this case you need to verify it manually. First find your accepted trade offer and search for deposit code in attached message then go to your profile menu and find option "verify-deposit" and put your code there.
Once an hour our bot sends same amount of coins as there is users online to 3 random users
Bot only sends coins if there is 10 or more users online
Users with fpsbigwin.net tag in their name has higher chance to receive random drop
  • We remove guest accounts at the end of every month to keep our database fresh and fast.
  • Do not worry member accounts are safe.
  • If you made profit from free coins as guest consider upgrading your account to member.
You can't see it because we remove all links from usernames and messages. Do not worry our system still acknowledges your link so you can collect rewards and you have higher chance to receive random drop.
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