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Frequently asked questions

Can I try out the website without deposit?

  • You will receive 100 free coins if you visited the website trough referral link.

Can I earn up some free coins?

  • You can receive few free coins every day in incomes page (only for users with deposit)
  • Every hour our chat bot giveaways free coins to random user

Can I withdraw without deposit?

  • You need to make deposit first.
  • Minimal deposit is very low.
  • After you deposit you will receive member account type which grants you some perks.

Are there any withdraw limits?

  • You must bet 80% of your deposit value
  • You can withdraw 50 items per 24 hours

How do I level up?

  • You can level up your account by betting
  • Every 10000 coins you bet levels you up

Why I did not receive coins from deposit?

  • Our bot failed to verify your deposit
  • To receive coins copy code from received trade offer and copy it to verify deposit section

Why I did not receive coins from match betting?

  • You propably did. Check incomes section of our website (in profile menu)
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